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Negotiation Online Course with Free Book

Robert Menard, Certified Purchasing Professional, Certified Professional Purchasing Consultant, Certified Green Purchasing Professional

Robert Menard, Certified Purchasing Professional, Certified Professional Purchasing Consultant, Certified Green Purchasing Professional

The growth of online courses as an education and training alternative to live instructor led seminars continues to be a viable resource for many working professionals.  Printed books have held their position as a learning tool when the subject is a practical workplace skill like negotiation.

 Indeed, negotiation is the number one requested training topic amongst professional buyers.  Suppose an online negotiation course was offered with the only book ever written on negotiation by a buyer for buyers, You’re the Buyer – You Negotiate It!  To make it better, suppose that book was free? 

I am pleased to announce that the American Purchasing Society, the profession’s leading education, advancement, and training association is doing exactly that.  While the supply of books lasts, the American Purchasing Online Store  will include one free book to every customer of The Science of Negotiation, Part 1, and The Art of Negotiation, Part 2. 

zz_ArtScienceNegotMedium_w70_h90This is what the Society has to say about the details of its Special Offer Course 20145

“Negotiation is the core competency of the purchasing profession. Until now, there has never been a negotiation program written by purchasing pros exclusively for purchasing pros. The American Purchasing Society and Robert Menard created this defining work on purchasing negotiation and make it available in convenient online format. Completion of this program will enhance your negotiation success while you earn credit toward APS certification. This is the first of a two part program. Either part can be purchased separately, but a discount is obtained when purchasing together. To obtain the combined discount, you must click on the combined listing of the two programs, not separately.”

 “Each program part takes from two to three hours. Part 1, The Science of Negotiation includes instruction on the total cost of ownership, negotiation planning, concession behavior, win-win and other strategies, and tools and techniques used by the best negotiators. Part 2, The Art of Negotiation includes speaking and listening communication skills, communication techniques, personality issues, and tactics and counter tactics.” 

Anyone who registers for this course will also receive You’re the Buyer – You Negotiate It  free. This is for a limited time or until supplies run out. This book is authored by Robert Menard, CPP, CPPC,  and is an incisive, humorous, and universally applicable negotiation gem. This book weaves a seamless fabric of negotiation principles over a framework of proven procurement concepts. Ample real life examples illustrate, punctuate, and reinforce the book’s messages of success. Menard combines his experiences with a knack for simple and effective expression. This seminal work synthesizes the business experience and innate skill of a consummate professional with a clear, concise set of rules, principles and guidelines that allow a buyer on any level to immediately implement a change in tactics.”

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