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Update: November 8th, 2009

Robert Menard, Certified Purchasing Professional, Certified Professional Purchasing Consultant

Robert Menard

Certified Purchasing Professional, Certified Professional Purchasing Consultant

Welcome everyone engaged in commercial purchasing, sales, and negotiation


About a decade ago, while researching for my book, I came across an astounding statistic in USA Today on the 50th anniversary of Death of a Salesman.  It cited 15.5 million people who claimed sales as their profession.  Correspondingly, only 300,000 who claimed purchasing.  This works out to 50 sales pros for every one of us buyers.  Therefore, only about 2% of us in commerce speak for the buyer and most of those voices are silent.

So this blog’s primary mission is to speak for this great silent majority, to get our message out to our sales brethren that there is a better route than overcoming objections and reading buying signals.  It will also extol the value of purchasing as the single best generator of profitability in all of business.

This blog’s secondary mission is to connect with the demand side of commerce in a mutually beneficial fashion so that purchasing and sales each achieve better negotiation results.   To do so, we will feature posts from recognized experts in the purchasing, sales, negotiation, and customer service  field of commerce and provide useful advice that you can apply immediately such as how to save money, the shortest route to perponal and professional profitability.

btn-onlineAPSWe relish, welcome, and ask for your  your contact and comments.  This blog is a two way dialogue that depends upon your input  so please comment and contact regularly.

Finally, this blog provides multiple opportunities to engage further with the authors in a variety of modes.  Links are provided to their websites such as this link to mine.  You’ll also find multiple clickable icons such as thelink to my online courses in the above paragraph.

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