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The Value of E-learning in Today’s Purchasing World

Robert Menard, Certified Purchasing Professional, Certified Professional Purchasing Consultant

Robert Menard, Certified Purchasing Professional, Certified Professional Purchasing Consultant

The traditional vehicle for proven education and training has been the customized on site seminar.  It, however, has become a casualty of the global economic collapse.  Today’s purchasing organizations and professional buyers are doing more with less even in the face of a growing deficit of purchasing knowledge and skills. 

How to know if the Purchasing E-learning is worthwhile and what to require?

As with live on site training, the source’s credentials are the key. 

  • Verify who produced the training material, credentials, and references.  Fortunately, some experts in the live seminar business have established online alternatives.   Expert purchasing trainers are rare so drill down on their records.
  • Insist on only responsible, reputable, and recognized sponsoring organization.  For instance, the American Purchasing Society is the oldest and foremost purchasing authority in the US and is recognized internationally for its expertise.  
  • Look for a comprehensive set of targeted set of training course, at least twenty purchasing focused programs is the minimum.     


Education and training in the purchasing profession is in constant need.  In research for my book, I discovered a curious fact: “the average sales pro receives as much formal education and training in a single year as the average buyer gets in a career.”  Newer buyers benefit by gaining the confidence of sound grounding in knowledge and skills.  The veteran benefits by confirming or rejecting many lessons learned the hard way and clarifying some nagging questions.  

Other factors


btn-onlineAPSConvenience is crucial.  Online accessibility on a 24/7 schedule is mandatory for the generation brought up with a computer screen.  Perhaps most importantly, leverage the knowledge and skill thus acquired into professional certification.  You and your employer will be rewarded by your efforts.

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