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Auto Buying Services

November 20th, 2009 | Tags: , ,
Steve Hague,  author, speaker, and Certified Purchasing Manager

Steve Hague, author, speaker, and Certified Purchasing Manager

Editor’s note: Steve Hague is a frequent contributor to this blog.

When it comes to those things in life that many of us hate to do, buying a car is usually near the top of the list.  Sure, everybody likes getting a new car; but very few of us actually enjoy the process. Auto dealers and salespeople are infamous for having the worst reputation among service “professionals” in any industry.

Using a dependable auto buying service makes car buying easy and quite painless. Of course you’ll still be spending money, but you’ll save yourself time, aggravation, and with the right professional, a lot of money.  There are different types of auto buying services available and which kind to use depends on your particular situation and how you feel about each type. 

ProAutoBuying charges a low flat fee and works exclusively for the customer. It’s important to make this distinction because many auto broker’s and so called buyer’s agents get paid by their customer AND the auto dealer.  This practice, although widespread, constitutes a conflict of interest.. Working exclusively for each of customers and having no relationship with any of the dealerships, ProAutoBuying serves auto buying customers throughout the country. 

blog 74B pushy salesA skilled auto buying service practitioner will be a professional who understands the car buying process, is a great negotiator, and above all has the best interests of the customer in mind.  There are many auto buying agents and services that proclaim that they are former auto salespeople or worked in an auto dealership and therefore they are experts. That’s like saying, “I used to be a bank robber and now I’m a police officer.”  Would you put your trust in that person working for you? 

ProAutoBuying is proud of the fact that we are not current or former auto salespeople, but we are experts at car buying and understand all of the tricks and traps that many consumers can fall into when buying a car.  Our service is quite simple. We find the exact vehicle you are looking for in the color and with the options that you want. We then research the exact dealer cost of the vehicle (not invoice cost), negotiate the best deal possible and review any proposed fees and paperwork. 

We also spend as much time working with the customer to review financing options and any other auto related information that the customer wants at no extra charge. 

At that point, all ProAutoBuying customers need to do is sign and drive!

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